As a nonprofit, you have very particular accounting needs. ZipBooks is here for that. 

Here’s how to use ZipBooks for a few of the most common nonprofit tasks:

Sending invoices for dues and donations

  1. Login to ZipBooks and select Invoices.

  2. Create a new invoice by clicking the round green + button. Or duplicate an existing invoice for repeat donations. 

  3. Edit any items or tasks to indicate donations, dues, or sales, and be sure to add a note thanking your donor for their contribution!

  4. Click Finalize for sending to customize your message and send a digital link for payment. That’s it!

You can also set up regular donations, like membership dues, using the Recurring Profiles feature (or just click “Make Recurring” next to an invoice).

Accepting digital donations

You can connect your ZipBooks account to Square, Stripe or PayPal to accept donations in a single click. 

Most payment processors offer discounted rates to nonprofit organizations. Learn more:

*Fees are set by the payment processor (not ZipBooks) and are subject to change

Sending receipts to donors

Once a payment has been made, donors can view or download their receipts using the same link they received in their initial email. 

If they ask you to send a receipt again, here’s what to do:

  1. Login to ZipBooks and select Invoices.

  2. Find the invoice in your list or filter by contact. Click to select. 

  3. From the invoice view, click Finalize for sending

  4. Edit your subject and message and click Send.

Contributors will be able to download their invoice (now marked “Paid”) or view their receipt.

Track donations by donor (or campaign)

If you need to create contribution reports for individual donors, ZipBooks makes it easy.

  1. Login to ZipBooks and select Reports.

  2. Under Sales, select Sales Summary.

  3. In the Tags field, enter the name of the contact you’d like to filter for.

  4. Customize the report further by date, view, basis, group or transaction type.

  5. If desired, click Export.

You can also check out your Contacts to view total revenue from that donor, see  at their list of invoices, and more. 

Using custom tags you can also track donations by event, fundraising campaign, project and more. Then, ZipBooks will automatically generate reports for you based on your tags.  

Managing your nonprofit with ZipBooks 

There’s lots more you can do for your nonprofit with ZipBooks. To name a few:

  • Prove appropriate use of assets

  • Manage contact information for donors

  • Manage expenses and outgoing money (e.g. scholarships)

  • Track time for volunteers or employees

  • Grant limited permissions for volunteer bookkeepers

  • Upload and store receipts

  • Generate Cash Flow reports

Note: Some of these features require the Smarter or Sophisticated plans—learn how to upgrade here or reach out to [email protected] to receive the discount for verified nonprofits. 

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