ZipBooks lets you tag your transactions with searchable keywords in order to easily find them later and create reports based on those tags. Tag by customer or vendor, or tag all transactions that are related to specific store locations, product lines, or wholesale and retail channels so that you’re sure to keep on top of expenses, sales, or other transactions related to each area.

How to tag transactions:

  1. Log in to ZipBooks and click on Transactions at the top of your screen.

  2. To tag an existing transaction, click on it

  3. Click in the Tag field and type and select the relevant tag.  Add as many as you’d like. 

  4. Click Save.

You can also tag transactions as you create them. In the New Transaction window, you can add tags in the "Client or other tags" box. 

You can also bulk tag transactions to save time!

Here’s how to bulk tag transactions:

  1. From your Transactions list, click on the check boxes to left of each transaction you want to tag. 

  2. At the top of your transaction list, type the name of your tag in the Add tag to selected field.

Add as many tags to each group of transactions as you need!

Note: To take advantage of tags, you’ll need to be on our Sophisticated plan—click here to upgrade.

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