Due to new security measures, bank connections are no longer something that you can "set and forget".
All banks have what we call "background" aggregation, which keeps the accounts connected while the user is not using their ZipBooks account. When the user logins to ZipBooks, it sends a request for "foreground" aggregation, which is what pulls in the new bank account information that has occurred since the user's last login to ZipBooks.

Additionally, please note that many banks periodically require that the user log in again, as a credentials check to prevent fraud and to confirm that the user still wants to allow third-party aggregation. These bank requirements vary from bank to bank - some may require more frequently than others.

For this reason, we recommend monitoring your bank connection within ZipBooks frequently - weekly would be ideal, but monthly at a minimum.

If you discover that your transactions are still lagging by a week or so, please let us know - we have near-realtime support and can generally get it fixed quickly.

Depending on how long it has been since the last refresh, the refreshed connection may import all the transactions that have not been imported since the last one. However, some banks limit the foreground import to 45 days or fewer.

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