To give you your Invoice Quality Score, we dug deep into over 200,000 (and growing) invoices!

This score helps you send invoices that are optimized for professional look and communication, customer satisfaction, and quick payments.

Here are a few things that affect the invoice quality score, based on our research:

  • Add your logo. Memorable and professional logos build trust with customers. Customers are 15.8% more likely to repurchase from businesses that include a logo on their invoice.

  • Include appropriate details and notes. Customers appreciate clear and concise details regarding your services and your expectations. Stick to around 20-50 words for notes and description and 10-25 words for payment terms.

  • Thank your customers! Customers are 4.5% more likely to recommend your service when you thank them for doing business with you.

  • Accept credit cards. When customers have the option to pay by credit card, ZipBookers receive payment 14.6 days earlier.

  • Include your contact info. Just like with your logo, displaying your contact information helps customers feel you’re trustworthy and accessible. When you include this information, customers send payments 3.2% more frequently.

Similarly, your Business Quality Score measures data from across your ZipBooks account. 

ZipBooks combines best-of-class business metrics along with our researched leading indicators of success to score your account. We look for things like repeat customers and recurring revenue, sales growth, timely payments, sound expense management, and other important signs of success.

Your Business Quality Score also measures hygiene—as defined by following best practices around account setup, record keeping, and billing.

Many, many businesses that show strong success indicators, but don’t have a focus on hygiene, end up becoming overwhelmed when it catches up to them. ZipBooks monitors your account to help prevent your business from falling behind. If your books are caught up, your account is complete, and you follow best practices in billing and customer communication, your score will be strong.

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