When you have recurring transactions that aren't included in your recurring invoices (like repeat payments, scheduled transfers, etc.), you can easily add them to ZipBooks in order to speed up your bookkeeping.  

Here's how to set up a recurring transaction:

  1. From your ZipBooks dashboard, select Transactions.

  2. Then click Recurring.

  3. Click on the round green + button to add a new transaction.

  4. The Recurring Transaction window will open. Enter the transaction name, frequency, affected accounts and any relevant tags. (Note: Recurring transactions are always shown in the advanced view, so you'll need to include both credits and debits).

  5. Click Save

Now your transaction will repeat for as long as you've scheduled it and will be labelled "recurring" in your transactions list.

Pause your recurring transactions at any time by switching the toggle to "Off."

Note: To take advantage of recurring transactions, you'll need to be on our Sophisticated plan—learn how to upgrade your account here

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