This article is intended for ZipBookers managing their own finances. If you're on our ZipBooks Accountant plan, click here to learn how to migrate data from QBO on behalf of your clients. 

If you have existing transactions in QuickBooks Online, ZipBooks makes it easy to import that data.  

Here's how to import transactions from QBO:

1.Log in to ZipBooks and click on Transactions at the top of your screen.

2. Click on Import toward the top right corner of your list of transactions. The Import Transactions window will appear.

3. Use the dropdown menu to switch Import Type from "Standard" to "QuickBooks General Journal."

4. From your QuickBooks account, create a report for “Journal” (under Reports>For my accountant). Export the default report to Excel with the desired date ranges.

The file from QBO must have these columns, in this exact order, or the import will fail: Date, Transaction Type, Num, Adj, Name, Mem/Description, Account, Debit, Credit.

Here is what the export screen should look like in QBO:

5. Choose or drop the XLSX file in the window.

6. Click Import.

Once your transactions are imported through the Journal import, you’ll want to review your Categories. Custom categories will be assigned to “Ask my accountant.” Reassign the category to the correct parent category by clicking Gear icon.

Note: The Journal report only contains transactions that have been added or matched in QuickBooks. If you have transactions in QuickBooks that are still for review, they will not show up on the Journal report, but can be imported using the Standard transaction import.

To take advantage of the import feature, you'll need to be on one of our paid plans. Click here to upgrade your subscription.  

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