ZipBooks is designed to get you paid faster and make reconciliation easier. When a customer pays an invoice through ZipBooks, that transaction is automatically imported from your bank account. Once the transaction appears in your list, you can link it to an invoice by adding the invoice and contact tags. 

However, you can also choose to log payments manually from the Invoice itself. If by chance, there's an error when you log a payment this way, you can go back and edit it later. 

Here's how to edit payments on an invoice:

  1. Rather than edit the invoice, go to your Transactions list.

  2. Find the invoice payment you're looking for or filter for it in the search bar. Then, click on it. (Remember: Paid invoices are marked with a green "I").

  3. Then, click the Edit or Split button. The Edit Deposit window will open. 

  4. Make any changes you need to, including Date, Payment Amount, Accounts, Category or additional details. 

  5. Click Save.

The change will be reflected in your transactions list and on the invoice itself (when applicable, e.g. partial payments). 

If you want to delete the payment entirely, simply check the box next to the transaction and click delete. The invoice will revert to "Unpaid" in your list. 

Note: It’s best practice to finalize your invoice before sending in order to create more accurate accounting records.

If the Add Payment button was used on a Draft invoice rather than a Finalized invoice, the best way to edit the payment is to duplicate the invoice (which creates a new Draft) and then delete the one with the incorrect payment attached.

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