Nope, ZipBooks Starter plans are free forever. 

We have built our free Starter plan to include everything you'll need to start running your business, but as your company grows you might find yourself exploring more powerful features. 

To try out our advanced features, you can click on any item labelled with a star. We'll automatically upgrade your account to a 30-day free trial—no contracts and no credit card required!

If you do not wish to explore our additional features, you can simply click on Cancel Accounting Plan (on the Subscription page) and your account will be reverted to the free Starter plan. 

To downgrade your subscription:

  1. Sign in to ZipBooks and click More from the top menu.

  2. Under Account, select Subscription.

  3. In the Accounting Plan field, click "Cancel Accounting Plan." 

  4. Hit "Confirm." This will revert your account to the free plan.

And don't worry. If you choose to switch to Starter, you won't lose any of your data! All of your records will stay the same, you'll just no longer have access to our upgraded features.  

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