Auto-bill is a super convenient way to collect money owed to you by your customers.

When you set up a Recurring Profile on your ZipBooks account, you have the option to set that profile to auto-bill. That means that if the customer initially approves the recurring invoices, we’ll bill the customer and charge the credit card automatically every month, so that you don’t have to worry about remembering a thing. Pretty simple!

Another cool feature that goes along with this is the option to decide what you send that customer every month. Do they want to see the actual invoice before they are charged, or do they only want a receipt after they’ve made the payment?

With these convenient options, you can set up a bill once and then forget about it and let ZipBooks take over. We’ll make sure your invoices go out on time, payments get recorded accurately, and your customers get what they need for their own records.

How to turn on auto-billing for a client:

  1. Login to ZipBooks and click Invoices.

  2. From the menu, select Recurring Profiles.

  3. Create a new profile (by clicking the green + sign) or edit an existing one. 

  4. In the Billing menu on the right, toggle the “Auto-bill” switch to On. 

  5. Click the Save button. 

Pro Tip: If auto-billing fails for any reason, it is likely due to your payment processor (i.e. Stripe, PayPal, etc). For more details, log into that account and you’ll be able to see why it failed (e.g. insufficient funds, expired card, etc). Once you’ve discovered the reason, we recommend reaching out to the client directly. 

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