ZipBooks lets you automatically pull in transactions from your bank account, but you will need to go through and categorize them properly. When you have several transactions to designate to a certain category, you can do them all at once

Here’s how:

  1. Log in to ZipBooks and select Transactions from the menu.

  2. If applicable, filter the account you’d like to see in your transactions list. Check the boxes to left of each transaction you’d like to categorize together. 

  3. Once the boxes are checked, you’ll see a Categorize As field next to the bulk actions buttons. Click inside it, and either type the name of the category, or find in the drop down list and click on it.

  4. You’ll receive a prompt, asking if you’d really like to categorize these transactions as you designated. Click Yes, categorize to move forward.

And that’s it! Repeat these steps to categorize each group of transactions until they’re all accurate.


Note: While there are certain bulk actions available to all ZipBookers, to bulk categorize (or edit), you’ll need to be on our Sophisticated plan–click here to upgrade.

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