As a business owner, you record lots of different kinds of transactions. ZipBooks makes it easy to find exactly what you need to see within your account.

Here’s how:

  1. Log in to ZipBooks and select Transactions from the menu.

  2. A list of all of your transactions will appear, sorted by date, with the most recent appearing first. Green transactions are deposits (like sales), red are withdrawals (like expenses), and blue are transfers between your accounts.

  3. Filter your list to see only what you need. Choose a Category of transactions, Start and End Dates, and filter by Tag, Contact, or Invoice. You can also filter your list to only include Confirmed or Unconfirmed transactions or Sort by Date, Amount, Name or Category. You can combine these variables to narrow your list to exactly what you need.

  4. Use the menu on the left to narrow your list to Expenses, Sales, or transactions from Bank Accounts.

Your list also makes it easy to see the status of certain transactions at a glance. You may see colored letters next to the transaction amounts.

Here’s what they mean:

  • Hollow green I is an invoice that you’ve sent to a customer 

  • Filled in green I is an invoice that you’ve received payment for 

  • Hollow B is a bill that you’ve recorded 

  • Filled in B is a bill that you’ve paid 

Note: If you have customers set up on recurring billing and automatically charge their cards every time you send an invoice, you’ll only see a filled I on their invoice amounts.


As an example: You want to see all travel expenses you incurred on behalf of a certain customer, during a certain time period. Choose Travel Expense from the Category list, put in the date range you’re looking for, and add the name of the customer in the Tag field. Voila! The list is narrowed to only those transactions that apply to all three variables.

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