ZipBooks gives you a way to group your transactions together, even if you don’t want to link a checking or savings account.

Here’s how to manually create a bank account category:

  1. Sign in to ZipBooks and select Transactions from the menu; then click Categories.

  2. A list of all your standard and custom categories will appear. Click on the round green + button at the top right corner of the list.

  3. An Edit Category window will slide in. Add the name of the account you’d like to set up (Like Gold Checking Account, or Platinum Visa Card).

  4. Click on the dropdown menu under Parent Category. Click on Cash in the Current Assets section (blue). If you’re setting up a credit card account, click on Credit Accounts in the Current Liabilities section (red). 

  5. Enter the beginning balance of the account (the balance at the beginning of the month you’ll be starting to record your transactions, for example) in the Value field. Add the Start Date.

  6. Click Save.

Your account is now set up! Now you’ll be able to add transactions to that account.

Here’s how to see transactions from only that account:

  1. While still signed in to ZipBooks, click on Transactions at the top of your screen. A list of transactions from all accounts will appear.

  2. Click inside the Category field above the list of transactions. Start typing in the name of the account you set up, or find it in the dropdown menu that appears. 

  3. All of the transactions you’ve entered for that account will appear in the list.

That’s it! You can reconcile this account just like any other that you would link to your ZipBooks account. In the box at the bottom left corner of your screen, you’ll see the number of transactions you need to clear, and the total amount that’s unconfirmed.

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