A 1099 expense is an amount you pay to someone who works for you as a contractor. If they make more than $600/year, then you’ll need to send them a Form 1099 at tax time. ZipBooks makes it easy to keep track of these expenses.

Here’s how to mark a transaction as a 1099 expense:

  1. Log in to ZipBooks and select Transactions from the menu.

  2. Find the transaction you’re looking for in the list (or add a new transaction). Click on it and then select the Edit or Split button. 

  3. In the Edit Expense window, check the box marked Assign to 1099

  4. Click Save.

Now you’ll be able to see which expenses have been marked for 1099, right from the transactions list.


How to make all transactions for a certain contact default to 1099 expenses:

  1. Log in to ZipBooks and select Contacts from the menu.

  2. Find the contact you need and click on the Gear icon to the right.

  3. In the Edit Contact window, check the box labeled 1099 Contractor

  4. Click Save.

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