When you’re running a business, you’ll have invoices, bills from vendors, transactions, and all sorts of other records to keep track of. ZipBooks makes it easy to quickly find what you’re looking for, with minimal clicking around.

Here’s how:

  1. Sign in to ZipBooks and find the Search bar to the right of the ZipBooks logo, at the top of your screen. 

  2. Click inside the field and start typing the name, description, amount, invoice ID, or other details of the item you’re looking for. A list of items that pertain to what you entered will appear below the search field.

  3. Scroll through, and click on the one you’re looking for.

You can narrow your list to only look for specific items:

  • Invoices – type i: and the customer name, or the invoice number.

  • Estimates – type e: and the customer name, or estimate number.

  • Tags – type tag: and the name of the tag.

  • Transactions – type t: and the amount or name of a transaction.

  • Contact – type c: and the name.

  • Bills – type b: and the vendor name or amount.

  • Recurring Profiles – type r: and the customer name.

  • Saved Items – type it: and the name of the item.

Note: make sure not to use any spaces between the commands and the names or amounts you’re searching for.

(Ex: i:dream cream, or tag:food items)

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