ZipBooks gives you intelligent insights about your business so that you can make decisions in an even smarter way. We’ve created the Invoice Quality Score to help you know where you are with your invoices: how they rate on a scale from 1 to 100. The higher the score, the more likely you are to experience optimal outcomes, like getting paid on time, and the better your customers’ experiences will be as well.

We’ve researched thousands of invoices to find leading indicators of success when it comes to billing clients. Your Invoice Quality Score goes up as you do things like the following:

  • Add your logo — Memorable and professional logos build trust with customers. Customers are 15.8% more likely to repurchase from businesses that include a logo on their invoice.

  • Include appropriate details and notes — Customers appreciate clear and concise details regarding your services and your expectations. If you’re too wordy, they may lose interest. Stick to around 20-50 words for notes and description and 10-25 words for payment terms.

  • Specify a due and set up payment reminders — Automation is the norm in business today (think electric bills, internet payments, etc.) and it actually improves the experience for both customers and business owners.

  • Accept credit cards — When customers have the option to pay by credit card, ZipBookers receive payment 14.6 days earlier.

  • Include your contact info — Just like with your logo, displaying your contact information helps customers feel you’re trustworthy and accessible. When you include this information, customers send payments 3.2% more frequently.

  • Thank your customers! — This may seem obvious, but a simple thank you goes a long way. In fact, customers are 4.5% more likely to recommend your service when you thank them for doing business with you.

Along with your Invoice Quality Score, we’ll give you recommendations or tips from time to time to help you stay on top of the everyday details in an efficient and intelligent way. We want your business to succeed, so we’re here to be a trusted advisor, without all the exorbitant fees you might normally pay a company consultant.

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