If you’re new to ZipBooks, and you already have an established business, chances are you’ll have existing invoices that you’ll need to move to your ZipBooks account. That’s no problem!

Here’s how to import your invoices:

  1. Sign into ZipBooks and select Invoices.

  2. Click on Import in the top right. 

  3. An Import Invoices window will slide in from the right.

  4. Click on Invoice Import CSV Template to download. 

  5. In your old accounting program, export invoices to CSV. (If you’ve never used an accounting program or just have a handful of PDF invoices, enter the data from your invoices directly into the template.)

  6. Copy and paste the columns from the exported CSV into the ones that match on your new template.

  7. Upload the CSV you created through the form on the Import Invoices window. 

  8. Click Import.

And that’s all! Your invoices will now appear in your ZipBooks account.

Pro tip: It’s a good idea to import your contacts into ZipBooks first, so that when you import your invoices, they can be directly linked to those already-entered contacts.

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