Setting review invites to send automatically will save you time and put your business growth on auto-pilot.  You can manage all of your invitation preferences by clicking Settings on your Growth dashboard.

Review invitation settings

From this page, you can set your review link, create an order for invitations and edit your sending preferences.  

  • Review link: This is the URL that will be included in your review invitations.  ZipBooks creates a direct link to review sites, simplifying the process for customers.  You can customize and share this link any way you like. If you choose to accept reviews on multiple platforms, this link will include a list of sites that your customer can choose from to leave their reviews.  

  • Invite site order: You control the order in which your connected review sites appear on your invitations page.  You can even choose to focus on specific review sites by turning them on or off. Use the Gear Icon to the right of each review site to verify the review page and customize further.

  • Invite method: Choose how you want us to send invites to customers, based on the contact information you have on file.  Select your preference: “Send both text & email, if available,” “Text if there’s a phone number, fall back to email,” or “Email if there’s an email address, fall back to text.”

  • Invites via email: Edit the subject line and body of your email template.  ZipBooks provides a great default message for you, but you can customize your message however you like.

  • Invites via text: Edit the content of your text message invitation–stick with the default or make it your own!  

Automated invitation settings

Use any of the On/Off switches to manage automated invitation settings. When set to On, ZipBooks will automatically follow up with your customers when they’re most likely to review your service. Putting your invitations on auto-pilot will help you get feedback from your best customers.

  • Follow up after payments: Toggle this On to follow-up with a review invite as soon as you get paid.  Following up a successful transaction with a simple request from you increases the likelihood of a detailed, positive review.

  • Send Delays: You can select the amount of time you want to delay your invitation: an hour, a day, a week or a month.  We’ve found that an hour is most effective because the transaction is still fresh in the customer’s mind.  We only send review invites during business hours in order to protect your professionalism.

  • Customer settings: Personalize which customers receive invitations based on revenue or transaction amounts.  Select how many weeks you’d like to wait in between review invites and limit requests based on whether you’ve sent multiple invites previously.

  • In-app review prompts: Prompting customers to offer reviews alongside your invoicing process takes one step out of the growth process.  When you turn the switch to “on,” we’ll prompt customers to leave feedback directly on an invoice or after a payment.

Google My Business

Set up a Google My Business listing to link your Google reviews to your ZipBooks growth.  It’s easy to do—click here—and it helps us keep your information up-to-date with Google’s search results.

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