ZipBooks makes sending review invitations to your customers simple.  If you’re receiving payment through a ZipBooks Merchant or Square account, you can update your settings to send invites to customers automatically.

If you want to hand-pick which customers should receive invites, you can manage that under Invitations.

Here’s how to send review invites to your customers:

  1. Login to ZipBooks and click Growth, then Invitations.

  2. Click the Send review invite button.

  3. The Send review invites window will open. Click the Gear icon in the top right to filter your customer list by contact info, previous invites, transactions, purchases and more. Check the boxes that apply and click Update.

  4. Select the names of customers you’d like to invite and they will appear on the Final invite list below. (You can also choose “Select all” to add all of the filtered contacts.)

  5. When you have finalized your invite list, click the Send review invites button at the bottom. 

You’re done! You can track review status on the Invitations page to see if the message has been opened, the review link has been clicked, and which site your customers visited to leave feedback.

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