We send reviews via text and email, so it’s important to have current customer contact information stored in ZipBooks.  

If you’re already invoicing with our software, you likely have updated phone numbers and emails already available to you.  If, however, you want to import more client information for review collection, it’s easy to do.

You can import a contact list by uploading a CSV file.  If you have customer information stored in an Excel spreadsheet, just select “Save as” then “.csv” to export your list in the correct format.  

For our purposes, you will only need three columns: name, phone, and email. If you do not have a current spreadsheet, we’ve built a template for you.

How to import contacts for review invites:

  1. Login to ZipBooks, select Growth, then Invitations.

  2. Click the Send review invite button.

  3. The Send review invites window will open. Under Final invite list, click Upload CSV

  4. A second window will open, labelled Import Contacts. Drag and drop your CSV file or Choose file to upload.

  5. Click Import.

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