Sending a personalized invitation message is the best way to increase the likelihood of getting reviews from your customers. Writing texts and emails that are customized to match your tone and brand will improve your chances of receiving customer reviews.

Here’s how to edit the text in your review invites:

  1. Login to ZipBooks, select Growth

  2. Then click Settings

  3. Under Review invitation setup, scroll down to “Invites via email” or “Invites via text

  4. Edit the Default text

  5. Click Save

You’ll notice that ZipBooks has scripted a default email and text message for you.  You can edit what’s written in order to better match your message or tone of voice. 

We suggest including dynamic variables–personalized text shortcuts–like name, company name and review links, but you can personalize as much as you like. Click here for a complete list of dynamic variables that you can use in your ZipBooks texts and emails.

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