Sometimes you’ll need to send a report to a client for verification or record-keeping purposes. When you export with ZipBooks, we’ll automatically save that report to Documents so both you and your client can access them. You can also choose to send reports via text message so they’ll see it right away.

To send a single report to a client:

  1. From the client’s account select Reports.

  2. Find the report you’re looking for, click Go.

  3. Filter and customize the report as desired. Then hit Send to client

  4. Choose to send as a PDF or live report.

  5. Edit your message and hit Enter to send reports to your client. The report will also be added to client Documents.

To export a financial package and send to client:

  1. Switch to client view and click Reports.

  2. Next to the report type, click Export financial package.

  3. A window will open that allows you to Customize your export. Select the Reports you’d like to include and adjust the settings.

  4. If you’d like to send a message as well as export the file to Documents, check the box that says Send as Message to client.

  5. Hit Export.

  6. A PDF will open in a new window and a copy of the report will also be saved to your ZipBooks Documents (under Account).

  7. If you chose to send a message to your clients, you can send it directly from messaging window that opens up on your ZipBooks screen.

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