Got a new client? Good for you! It only takes a few clicks to add them to ZipBooks.

Here’s how to add a new client to ZipBooks:

  1. From ZipBooks Accountant, click Clients.

  2. Click the green + button at the top of your client list. 

  3. The Add client window will open. Fill in your new client’s contact information.

  4. Toggle the switch to On to include a ZipBooks license for this client.Select the type of business this client performsSelect which team members you’d like to assign access to the account

  5. Hit Add client.

You’re done! Your client will get an email notifying them that you’ve added them to ZipBooks. They’ll be sent a link to set up their password and log in to their account.

Pro tip: Make sure to import any transactions or migrate other accounting data for them, so they sign in to pristine, updated, make-you-look-good books.


If you need to deactivate a client account for any reason

  1. From your Accountant dashboard, click Clients

  2. Find the client you’re looking for. Next to the green “Active” label, click “Deactivate

Deactivating a client account will not delete any client data, but will downgrade the account to a free ZipBooks Starter plan with limited access and features. If you need to reactivate the account, just click “Add license” from your client list and pick up where you left off!

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