Your Clients menu is a central place to manage contacts, licenses, account updates, and more.

How to manage clients in ZipBooks Accountant:

  1. From ZipBooks Accountant, click Clients to see your client list

  2. Filter client list by Status “Active” or “Inactive” license

  3. Click on Client name to view client profile/details. From here, you can view or manage bank accounts, invoices, recurring profiles, time entries and more.

  4. View License type: “Active” or “Client paid”

  5. Click on the Number of unconfirmed transactions for quick entry to client transaction list

  6. Click on three dots to the right of the client’s name to: Edit client contact information; Manage team members assigned to the account; Send a file securely through ZipBooks; Migrate or import data

From your client list, you can quickly enter your client accounts in order to confirm transactions.

There are a couple ways to switch between client accounts:

  1. From the Clients list, you can enter any account you have access to by clicking the external link icon next to the client name.

  2. For each client, you’ll see the number of unconfirmed transactions. Click on that link and you’ll automatically be taken to the client’s unconfirmed transactions list.

  3. Clicking on your profile image in the top right of your screen will show a list of accounts you have access to enter. Find your account via search or scroll, and select Go to access. (You’ll do the same thing to switch back to your personal account—it’s labelled “Accountant” and is always at the top of your list so you can find it quickly.)

Note: The black menu bar at the top of the screen distinguishes a ZipBooks Accountant from a regular client account.

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