With all the time and effort that goes into keeping your books, you may want to seal off some records so they can’t be touched. 

ZipBooks is a continuous system, so you don’t actually need to “close out” your fiscal year. You can run a report on any time period you like, it’s easy enough to change the dates to get a report for the time period you want.

However, if you do want to lock down your entries after you have completed your year-end analysis, you can use the lock feature. 

Here’s how to lock your books:

  1. Login to ZipBooks and select More from the top menu.

  2. Under Account, go to Preferences.

  3. Under the General Preferences tab, scroll down to Accounting Preferences.

  4. Next to “Date through which books are closed or locked” enter the relevant date (probably the end of the calendar or fiscal year).

  5. Hit Save at the bottom of the page

That’s it! Now, you and your team members will not be able to change the transactions from that time period (you can adjust this later, if needed).

Note: You’ll need to be on our Sophisticated plan to use the lock feature; learn how to upgrade your subscription here

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