When you set up your ZipBooks account, you specify a default currency that you’ll be using to do business. But we know that ZipBookers have clients all over the world who want to billed in their own currencies–we make it easy to do just that.

Here’s how to change the currency on an invoice:

  1. Log in to ZipBooks and select Invoices.

  2. Click on an invoice from the list, or create a new invoice.

  3. Click the Edit button if it’s an already-existing invoice.

  4. On the right side of your invoice, click on the dollar sign under your company address. Choose the currency you want to use in the drop down list that appears. 

  5. Fill out the rest of the invoice, and click the blue Save button above the invoice.

That’s it! Click Finalize for Sending when you’re ready to send it.

Note: Remember to convert amounts to the currency you’re using on the invoice before adding them to the bill. You’ll look more professional if it’s accurate the first time you send it.


How do alternate currencies show up in my transactions?

Transactions will only show up in your default currency. If you want to change a transaction from one currency to another, you’ll need to recreate the transaction. 

Additionally, transactions in a currency other than your default currency won’t appear on the reports you run. You’ll need to convert the transaction to your primary currency type in order for them to be reflected in your financial reports. 

For example:

Let’s say your default currency is U.S. dollars, but you have customers in Brazil and Mexico that prefer to be billed in Brazilian Reals and Mexican Pesos. Create their invoices in those respective currencies, and send them to your customers. After you receive payments, find those invoices, and calculate what those amounts would be in U.S. dollars. Then, change the invoice back to USD and put in the appropriate amounts. Those invoices and transactions will then appear on your reports.

In other words, all transactions stay in the currency in which they are created (unless you manually change it). Reports will only include transactions in the default currency. 

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