Financial reports give you important insight to where your business stands financially, and help you when you are trying to get loans or attract investors.

Here’s how to create a financial report:

  1. Sign in to ZipBooks and click on Reports from the menu.

  2. Select the kind of report you want to generate and click Go.

  3. After you’ve chosen a report type, Customize by date, accounting basis, transactions, tags, and/or format.

ZipBooks quick reports allow you to simply choose the type of report you’d like (balance sheet, income statement, etc.), and then click on the time you need it to reflect (as of today, last year, etc.), so you can get your information in a snap.

You can also save or print reports by exporting into PDF or CSV formats.

Here’s how to export your report:

  1. Log in to ZipBooks and click Reports

  2. Find the report you need and Customize as desired

  3. In the top right corner, click Export

  4. Choose whether you’d like to export a PDF or CSV file (Some reports will only export as a CSV due to formatting requirements)

  5. Download and Save the file to the desired location

Here’s how to export or send multiple reports at a time:

  1. Log in to ZipBooks and click Reports

  2. Next to the report type, click Export financial package

  3. Select the Reports you’d like to include and adjust the settings

  4. Then hit Export 

A PDF will open in a new window and a copy of the report will also be saved to your ZipBooks Documents (under Account). That’s it! Now, you can use your reports to make strategic, data-driven decisions about your business. 

Note: The “Export financial package” option is only available on Sophisticated and Accountant plans. 

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