ZipBooks allows you to manage all of your finances in one place, so our goal is to be thorough. Sometimes our software will pull in every account from your bank connection, even if you only want to monitor your business accounts. Don’t worry, it’s easy to remove the irrelevant transactions from ZipBooks.

For example, if ZipBooks is recording transactions from your savings account, but you only want to monitor your business checking account, you can delete the savings account. However, you’ll need to make sure that you delete or move all of the transactions from your savings account before you try to get rid of it. We know how important your financial records are, so we don’t want to risk deleting any business transactions by mistake. 

First, delete transactions from that account:

  1. Go to Transactions
  2. Find the unwanted bank account name in the Category drop down or by clicking the Account square at the top of the page. This will filter out only the relevant transactions.
  3. Click the empty Check box at the top of the page to select all transactions.
  4. Then, hit the red Delete button.
  5. To move transactions to a new Category instead, simply type the account name in “Categorize as” and select “Yes, Categorize.”

Once the transactions are moved or deleted from the unwanted category, you will be able to delete that account. 

Then, delete the bank account:

  1. Go to Transactions
  2. Select Manage Banks from the left-hand menu.
  3. Click the Three Dots to the right of the bank account you want to delete. 
  4. To delete all accounts connected to that bank, click the Trash Can. If you still want to keep a bank account linked to ZipBooks, but don’t want it to show up in your transactions, Toggle the switch to “Off.”
  5. Hit Delete

That’s it! As long as you don’t have any transactions tied to the account you want to delete, removing a bank account is a cinch. If you’re having trouble, just message us or email We’re happy to get your account in pristine working condition!

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